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What Services Does a Boat Detailing Service Business Offer?

Regular boat detailing is required to keep your boat running properly, to maintain its look and s original resale value and also to make your boats look great. Boat owners, especially those who have a Yacht and boat detailing in Palm Harbor can greatly benefit from regular boat cleaning and maintenance. Detailing your boat is essential to keep it running at top condition. Regular boat cleaning will prevent the need for more costly repairs down the road. You can rest assured knowing that your boat is in top shape.

It is important that you get your boat detailing in Palm Harbor, Florida in the right place. The perfect spot is Boat Wrapping by Steve Gessert. This is one of the premier places for boat detailing in Palm Harbor Florida. They have been in the business for over fifteen years and provide the highest quality detailing and cleaning services around. They specialize in boat painting and boat detailing.

This boat detailing service in Palm Harbor Florida uses state of the art equipment and techniques to give you the best possible result. The company uses only natural products for the rust removal and other maintenance. Each boat that is worked on will be given a personalized treatment and care. After each boat detailing service in Palm Harbor, customers are provided with a Certificate of Disinfection.

For their professional cleaning and detailing services, they use environmentally safe products and chemicals to protect both the boat and people working on it. Using a bio-degradable powder, they create a protective shield around the steel parts while cleaning and polishing. When the polishing process is complete, they coat all parts with a high quality wax that prevents further corrosion and maintains their shine. During the waxing and cleaning process the customer’s boat will undergo a final rinse to remove all residue and soap residues.

They also offer a wide range of services including restoring boats that have been inside over a year or two. The process includes cleaning, sanding and peeling off the old paint to expose the new coat of gel coat. For restoring gas-powered vessels they use a unique approach, which does not require painting on the surface. It starts by removing the decals from the boat detailing laboratory and sending them to your site for repainting. They provide an extensive service for boat repainting, repairing, restoration and cleaning.

Palm Harbor Florida offers a number of boat cleaning service businesses. All of these services strive to deliver the best in customer service, in keeping with their commitment to excellence and quality. Many satisfied customers rely on the Palm Harbor boat detailing service business for helping restore their boats to the condition they were when they left the boat dealership.