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Tax Attorney Services – Find an Experienced Professional for Your Tax Issues

Are you looking for a tax attorney to help you settle your tax debt? Being hit with bogus charges of not paying your taxes or tax evasion can spell financial disaster for your personal financial well-being. But it’s important to note here that you do have alternatives. Choose a tax attorney agency in Sarasota, FL, for reliable, competent representation.

Tax Attorney Services


With a plethora of tax attorneys operating locally, there are certain key points to consider before you hire one. Hiring a lawyer is about more than simply finding an easy way out. There are some law schools that excel in providing quality tax attorney’s services. These include the University of Florida School of Law and the University of Florida College of Law.


In Sarasota and surrounding areas like Panama City and Pensacola, there are several highly experienced tax attorney practices. These include theoma law firm and law offices of MacKenzie and Becker. Panama City is home to Becker and MacKenzie, who are known for their state-of-the-art tax return preparation and audit services. Theoma law firms focus on providing their clients with outstanding tax attorney services but also provide state-of-the-art computer data security, fraud resolution, and legal document preparation and translation services. Their Panama City-based partners, Robert A. Johnson and Associates, also offer a wide range of business solutions and corporate taxation consulting.


It’s important to note here that it’s not only crucial to hire a competent attorney when you are facing tax fraud and other forms of tax evasion. Before you hire any legal representation, it’s best to conduct comprehensive research and interview a number of attorneys in your area to evaluate which of them are best suited to your specific needs. It’s a good idea to ask questions about the firm’s experience in dealing with tax-related issues and also ask whether or not the firm offers a no-obligation free consultation. Be sure to inquire as to the nature of the attorney’s fee, and if he will be paid on a contingency basis, how much. Be sure to ask what his rate will be and if he provides a guarantee.


The American Bar Association’s website contains valuable information on finding a qualified tax attorney in your area. They maintain a directory of practicing tax attorneys and can often be reached through their website. The site includes a very complete list of local practitioners, with their contact information and publications. Contact information for each attorney can be found on the bar’s website, as well.


Not all tax attorneys and tax accountant services offer free consultations. Some will charge a consultation fee, or require payment before they will consider helping you with your tax matters. Before engaging in any professional, be sure to do your homework. Get the most out of your money by choosing the right attorney for your tax return, back taxes, or other tax issues.